Focused on Christ, guided by scripture, empowered by God’s mission, and rooted

in the Wesleyan tradition, Campbell United Methodist Church upholds these core values:



1) Grace: God’s unmerited love infuses our identity as a congregation. All that we do is in response to the gracious gift God has given in Christ Jesus. Having been given such an amazing gift, we freely offer the gift to others.


2) Creativity: God’s Holy Spirit is alive and moving, continually creating, renewing, and refreshing our lives. Campbell celebrates the creative power of God by engaging traditional ministry from a fresh perspective and launching new ministry with a pioneering spirit.


3) Authenticity: Every single person matters to God, no matter what. Our sacred worth frees us to be completely and utterly vulnerable with one another, without fear of judgment. At Campbell we can take our masks off, we can be real and know that we will be loved unconditionally.


4) Inclusivity: God’s all-encompassing love is Campbell’s paradigm for life together. All people are welcome, regardless of any of the variety of ways we tend to divide ourselves up from one another. Vibrant diversity is a strength that enhances Campbell’s potential and more adequately embodies the Kingdom of God.


5) Selfless Service: Jesus embodies humble sacrifice on behalf of others. Following his lead, Campbell offers help where help is needed, serving not for recognition or thanks, but simply because that’s what we do. The people of Campbell practice this value in our daily lives, as ambassadors for Christ in the world.

You are invited to come and share in the journey of discipleship at Campbell!