Below you will find pictures of the damage caused by the two pipes that burst at the church. I took these photos with my phone so they are not the best but hopefully it communicates to you what is going on at the church and what the damage looks like. Beside each photo I will indicate where it is in the building and provide any details I know! Don Nance, the Facilities Director, shared with me yesterday that there was no damage to the chancel! That's such good news! 

Front Atrium
the smoke 
detection system
needs attention
and must be
functioning before
we can return
to church.
Drywall crews
are beginning
repairs on
March 3rd
East wall just
beyond the
threshhold of
the atrium.
This is the 
wall on the
other side of
the cry room.
Office -
New carpet is on order
for behind the desks 
and new tile will be
laid in the walkway
that leads to the copy
wall just
the cry room.
Several baseboards were
soaked and have to be replaced.
Not pictured are 
the baseboards
in the atrium. Several, if not all,
along the east wall must be 
And the cry room, where it all began.  This closet was packed with books, office supplies, curriculum, computers, pew supplies, etc. Most if it was damaged and will have to be destroyed.  Misty reported that the damaged books alone totaled up to over $25,000. She isn't sure if we will be reimbursed for all of it or not.