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Farewell to Pastors Adrienne and Russell

On June 16th at Phelps Gove Park we had an opportunity to gather together with Pitts United Methodist Church to celebrate the successful careers that Pastors Russell and Adrienne Ewell had at their churches here in Springfield. The evening was full of fun, fellowship, and of course, food.

Catering was provided by Queen City Soul Kitchen and it was deeeelicious! Thank you to those that prepared and served the food!

There were many beautiful presentations and gifts for the pastors including a liturgical dance, cookbook, a canvas with signatures, and gift basket.

The Mayor of Springfield attended, spoke, and presented Russell and Adrienne with a proclamation recounting their community service and commitment to social justice. What an honor!

To say Adrienne and Russell will be missed is an understatement. Thanks be to God for all they have done for Pitts, Campbell, and Springfield, and all they will do at their new appointments. May they be blessed beyond all measure.


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