YAMs is a community of young adults (post high school and pre parenting) who gather to discuss and grow in the word of God.We meet at Campbell United Methodist Church every Tuesday evening at 8:00pm unless otherwise specified. Check our facebook group for cancellations

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The beginning of Jesus’s ministry reveals what was truly a priority to him. Each account of the gospel outlines these steps: Jesus was baptized, he was tempted in the wilderness, and then he returned to Galilee to proclaim that people must repent because the kingdom of heaven is near. In these first few steps, we see the importance of baptism, repentance, and proclaiming the good news.


The next thing Jesus does is call for his disciples by saying, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of people.” The disciples immediately left what they were doing to follow him.Jesus himself shows the significance of community. He makes us aware that after baptism and repentance the proclamation and growth of God’s kingdom happens through community. This is why he sought after disciples who would help him further the kingdom. Nonetheless, they left everything behind to be a part of this forming community. This helps show that some people are yearning for the opportunity to experience Godly community.